Liberty, Melissa, Texas

All your life, you’ve longed for it. The freedom to live life the way you want. The chance to express your individuality while being part of something greater. The right to live away from it all — far from the pressure of city life in a quiet, secluded haven all your own. You’ve dreamed of a setting that’s not as much a place as it is a state of mind. A state of being. A concept that, in its breadth and scope, is something worth cherishing every day. You’ve been in pursuit of it all your life. And now you have it. It’s LIBERTY. And it awaits all who seek it.

Starting at $145,000.00

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I would love to show you this beautiful community.

Randal Newhouse


The Finders: A much easier way to find real estate. Tell us what you are looking for and we will e-mail you the properties that fit your criteria the day they hit the market. No more hours of searching, only to find that the property is already sold or leased. No more having your information sold to a Realtor who will bug you for the next millennium.

It’s Easy and it’s Free.

“Dream Home Finder”

“Foreclosure Finder”

“Lease Finder”


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